Corporate Events

Ok, you’ve been given the task of organising your next company event, lucky you! But don’t worry, we are going to help you create the best event that they have ever attended and make them realise how indispensible you are and that you really do deserve that pay rise.

Here’s what you can do!

  • Find your venue, (or call us we may be able to suggest one). If we haven’t used the venue before, we will probably need to do a site inspection.
  • Call us, or use our booking form, to get a tentative hold on your gaming tables.
  • We recommend a ratio of 20 guests per table over a two to three hour gaming period. For example, you have 100 guests, 5 tables would work the best.
  • Let’s say your event is from 7pm to midnight. We would install the tables in the afternoon well before your guests arrive. It’s generally best to allow your guests to settle in, have a few drinks and something to eat. The casino tables would then open between 9pm and 11.30pm for example.
  • Each guest is given $10,000 in play money, they exchange this money for chips at the table. Our croupiers have all had many years of experience in real casinos and will help your guests to learn the rules of the games, it’s really much easier than it looks!
  • At the end of the night, we will add up your guests’ chips and announce the winners.
  • We then remove the tables after your guests have left, after midnight.
  • The following day everyone thanks you for a fantastic evening and your boss gives you a pay rise.

It’s Just So Easy! Call Us… 1300 135 394

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“A fabulous evening with a superb outcome for the kids was the overwhelming response from guests at the Neighbours4Charity and Vegas Nights Casino Royale fundraiser event held in support of The Smith Family. The casino brimmed with high spirits (both guests and the Casino staff) and an enormous amount of goodwill that generated funds to sponsor over 100 financially disadvantaged Australian children to reach their full potential through education.”

Kate F. Head of Fundraising.


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