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A racing night is a great fundraising idea to raise money for your school, pre-school or kindergarten.

If you are involved in school fundraising ideas or regular fundraiser activities, then you have probably faced the challenge of trying to find new ideas and something different from the standard trivia nights and chocolate drives. As you are aware, it becomes increasingly difficult to organise a low-cost, cheap fundraiser that is fresh and unique, serving to entertain your guests as well as raise all-important funds.

Until now.

A fundraising Horse Racing Nights event is essentially the same as our private events – except that now there’s real money involved! You may wish to have a nominal fee which covers entry to your event, and then give punters the option of buying into the betting. You may include a credit as part of your entry ticket. Either way, it’s a great way to raise money for your worthy cause.

Why consider Horse Racing Nights for your next fundraiser?

  • The style of entertainment is unique and fresh and is certainly a change from trivia nights and auctions.
  • Potential for large profits for minimal outlay
  • The racing carnival atmosphere means that there is more emphasis on socialising as opposed to point-blank donations.
  • It does not discriminate. Fun is virtually guaranteed regardless of whether the guests are male, female, 18 or 80.
  • The fundraising can be structured in a multitude of ways. Talk to us and we are happy to provide advice and suggestions on how to make the most of your racing night.

Determining ticket price

The following questions need to be addressed when calculating your base ticket price.

What is the total of my nett profit plus expenses? (GROSS)
How much money do you want to make? (NETT PROFIT)
What are your total expenses? (EXPENSES)
How many tickets can you sell for the event? (TICKETS)
Example: We wish to raise $3,500 from the event. Our expenses are $1,500 and we aim to sell 200 tickets.


Ticket price = $5,000 / 200 tickets = $25 per ticket.

Of course, this is just an example calculation. You also have the freedom to raise funds through other activities such as buying back in once the ‘punters’ have used up their fun money.

These are just some ways in which you can raise more funds using Horse Racing Nights.

Horse Racing Nights fundraisers are ideal for most organisations including schools, sports clubs, charities, enthusiast groups and more.

Hi David – We had an awesome night and a very successful one at that!! Everyone had a ball and loved the racing theme and concept! We managed to reach our fundraising target on the night and begin the building works that we so need around our small school!! Thank you for being a part of the night and we loved your bookies!!! We will definitely refer you if we hear of other fundraising opportunities from other schools. Once we have come up for air and downloaded our photos from the night we will definitely upload some to your FB page!

St. Anthonys

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