A School Fundraising Committee motions that you should organise the next ‘do’…

Everyone seconds it … and they move on to the next item in the agenda before you have chance to say “what’s a fundraiser!?”…

What are you going to do now!?… Call Vegas Nights! And we will help you organise the best Fundraiser that committee has ever seen.

Raising money using Casino Tables can seem daunting at first, but talk to us and you will see that it really can be quite simple. It’s best if we meet over a coffee to discuss in more detail, but there are basically two methods…

The Simple Way

  • You have 150 guests coming.
  • You sell them a ticket for $100 each.
  • That’s a revenue of $15,000…
  • Out of that you have to pay your expenses – food, drink, venue hire, entertainment (that’s us).
  • Hopefully your expenses are less than your revenue… otherwise you won’t be asked to be the fundraiser again (now there’s an idea… ?)

The Not Quite As Simple Way

  • You have 150 guests coming.
  • You sell them a ticket for $100 each.
  • Same as above, so far… except that you now also give them a free $25 gaming chip!
  • Your guests can then exchange this chip at gaming tables – which will give them free play there.

And here’s how you make even more money…

  • Go to Harvey Norman and convince them that your school is so desperate for the new books\ air conditioner\ helicopter\ Plasma for the staffroom that they had better give you a decent donation or else.
  • Harvey Norman being the thoroughly decent chaps they are, will say ‘please help yourself to anything in the store’.
  • These prizes (grab more than one), are then offered to your guests as prizes on the gaming tables*.

Now this is the bit where you make more money …

  • Your guests, once relieved of their free $25 chip, will then rush to the cashiers table to purchase more chips to give themselves a chance of winning the fabulous prizes on offer.
  • We have some great ideas to distribute these prizes but we won’t mention them here in case our competitors are reading this.
  • Just give us a call on 1300 135 394 and we’ll tell you all our secrets.
  • * (Legal Blah Blah – we have to put this in, but there are certain things we need to do to keep this legal, but don’t worry about that just yet.)
  • And when it’s all over, your Fundraising Committee will be in total awe of you and give you the job each year. Maybe I shouldn’t have mentioned that.

It’s Just So Easy! Call Us… 1300 135 394

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“A fabulous evening with a superb outcome for the kids was the overwhelming response from guests at the Neighbours4Charity and Vegas Nights Casino Royale fundraiser event held in support of The Smith Family. The casino brimmed with high spirits (both guests and the Casino staff) and an enormous amount of goodwill that generated funds to sponsor over 100 financially disadvantaged Australian children to reach their full potential through education.”

Kate F. Head of Fundraising.

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