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A Night at the Races. Host your own race night!

Horse Racing Nights, Australia’s premier fun race night specialists are now available in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane!

At Horse Racing Nights, we provide all you need for a successful and entertaining racing night at your venue. We also supply everything you need to make your event a resounding success. A Night At The Races provides a great night’s entertainment for a Private party, Corporate event, Bucks or Hens, courtesy of Horse Racing Nights.

If you are looking for fundraising ideas for your school, football club, netball club or any sporting club, then Horse Racing Nights can also help. We can assist with fundraising ideas for schools and sporting clubs and provide you with all you need to run a night at the races fundraiser.

Our people have over 15 years experience in the entertainment industry and as such, we know what it takes to make a great nights entertainment. We take into account our clients’ particular requirements and can assist in planning the perfect night, whether a fundraiser or pure entertainment. We also understand that different events have different budgets from fundraising to Christmas parties. No matter what your budget is, Horse Racing Nights can advise you and help you to plan an unforgettable night.

Contact us today to plan your next spring racing carnival event!

Horse Racing Nights, Artarmon School Fundraising

Horse Racing Nights, Artarmon School Fundraising


“What a terrific night, thanks largely to you and your team. I was amazed at how everyone got into the spirit of it, even those who had never done more than throw a coin in a slot machine. I didn’t have to do anything to encourage anyone to join in, as you did such a great job of that. Your croupiers were superb and I’d really appreciate it if you let them know how many compliments we received – not just on their professionalism, but also on their entertainment value. You all played such a large part in creating a fun atmosphere, and did remarkably well in the face of so many intoxicated guests (and hosts)!”

Sonia G.


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