Corporate Events

Poker is becoming more and more popular in the workplace, and why wouldn’t it, better than working I say!

After Work Tournaments

The fastest growing segment of corporate poker is the 5pm after work wind down, or as I like to put it, the ‘avoid going home networking opportunity’.

We will put on a 1 or 2 hour poker tournament for 8 to 80 players, usually straight after work right in your own premises. These tournaments can be a one off or run for several weeks, your choice.

Corporate Challenge

A fairly new product to Vegas Nights involving two or more companies (preferably competitors), fighting it out over the poker table. Basically we will arrange for two competing companies (think Qantas and Virgin) to meet at a neutral venue to dual for poker supremacy, thus proving that the losing company is inept and barely worthy of the title ‘competitor’.

This is quite an involved concept so please call us for more details, but once you’ve heard what we can do I’m sure you will want to be part of it. Fantastic opportunity here for some good corporate fundraising as well.


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Corporate Events | Poker