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This lady had me laughing the whole time! - December 2019

Corporate Events

The lady pictured on the left is probably the most memorable person I've had at my table this year.

This event was a staff party for Trotec Laser and was held at Barenz in Camden.

I was told that this particular lady worked in the office and was a reasonably quiet lady around the workplace.

At this event, without a doubt this lady was loudest person in the whole place. Everytime she won a hand on Blackjack she would scream "I won, I won, look how rich I am!". She would take herself away from the table to go around and tell everyone that she had won (not that they didn't know instantly anyway) and then 10 mins later she would arrive back at the table. A few hands later... "I won, I won, look how rich I am!!!" and off she went on her victory lap again.

She had me in stitches the whole time and it was honestly one of the best 1 table events I had ever done. I don't mind cracking a few jokes and 'trying' to be funny to entertain guests but when there's a crowd that just entertains themselves in some way, it just makes my job so much easier, especially at the tale end of an extremely busy Christmas season.

Thanks Protec Laser, hope to see you guys again!